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Kinect scan using a timelapse dolly

In this scan I tested putting the Kinect on my Dynamic Perception timelapse dolly to see if I could get a smooth move. Surprisingly it didn’t do a very good job. Here is a picture of my ghetto setup :)

3D Scan of Deanne (I got a Kinect)

I got my Kinect today so I downloaded “Kinect RGBDemo v0.6.1” by Nicolas Burrus and started playing around with scanning in my livingroom. This is a scan of Deanne I made and then created a flipbook in SideFX Houdini.

Framed some prints

I have been having a blast printing photos and little computer illustrations I come up with on the Pixma Pro II printer I bought about a year ago. It is a lot of fun actually seeing your pictures in physical form and not just online. My favorite paper is the Fine Art Photo Rag paper. […]

Siggraph, Vancouver and Whistler

Last week I went to Vancouver for Siggraph 2011. I flew up early on Sunday morning so I would have enough time to check in to my hotel and still see my friend Fredrik’s presentation on Sunday afternoon. The flight to Vancouver was surprisingly short, just two and a half hour. Nice. For some reason […]

Transformers 3 “Birdmen” Featurette

There is a short featurette on vimeo. Some of our work is in it :)

Timelapse dolly track

A few weekends ago I went to Ojai with Deanne. We didn’t really know what to do so we just went up there after looking at the map and finding some pretty cool mountains on the map just north of Ojai along with a road going through them. I brought a bunch of camera gear […]

TF3 trailer is out

The Transformers 3 trailer is out! It is a really good trailer actually and a bunch of our work is in it :) Enjoy!

Headshot for Deanne

Deanne needed a headshot recently so I got an opportunity to play with my photo/lighting gear again (a nice break from only thinking about work recently). So, after work two days ago we moved the couches and the table aside and set up a little studio in our living room. We don’t have that much […]


I was interviewed for a Swedish website that promotes engineering and is trying to get kids to choose engineering for college. Just a short interview. Fun to help promote something good! :) (sorry, it is only in Swedish..)årten-larsson

My Hello world

I just put my very first movie where I put computer generated content over a filmed plate up on Vimeo. Second year in college (2000) we had a course that required us to do some form of 3d project. Most people chose to code something, but I was so tired of coding and math at […]