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These posts are from my old website, from before I updated the blog engine

My Hello world //

I just put my very first movie where I put computer generated content over a filmed plate up on Vimeo. Second year in college (2000) we had a course that required us to do some form of 3d project. Most people chose to code something, but I was so tired of coding and math at […]

Cloudy Venice //

Venice has been a bit cloudy lately and I love it! It is great to taking pictures. Took this one last Sunday while walking around with Mattias close to home. The tripod was right at the edge of the water and I had my vari-ND filter on, set to 8 stops. 70mm lens, f22 and […]

South Korea //

I got invited to speak at a conference in South Korea called ICON. International Content Creator’s Conference (doesn’t that spell ICCC?? I guess ICON sounds better ;) ). Anyway, I accepted the invitation and now I am here in South Korea. I have never been here before. I just gave my lecture/speak and it went […]

Working on it… //

Working on updating this website. It is taking me forever, but I am working on it, trust me. It will be done soon. Stay tuned..

Joe McNally workshop //

Joe McNally workshop. Or, I AM HANGING OUT WITH JOE MCNALLY FOR A FULL DAY TAKING PICTURES WOHOO!!!!!!! That tells you more how excited I was about this day. Add to that that I have been working every day for the last six weeks and I you'd start to understand how happy I was to […]

Sunday in Antelope Valley //

I had to work on Saturday last weekend. It sucked. I will have to work next weekend too. This movie is a mess, so I try to take my mind off of work when I have my only day off of the week. This weekend Deanne's parents were in town. We decided to drive up […]

Birthday part Deux //

So, since I was in Chamonix away from Deanne on my birthday she decided that we would have a second birthday when I got home. That birthday was today. Here is my day from start to finish. Woke up early, or so I thought. After about half an hour of total confusion we decided that […]

Birthday!! //

Woke up, had a message from Deanne on my phone to go and check my mail so I went down to the best internet spot in town (a.k.a McDonald's). I downloaded the video she had made me, checked some emails and headed back home. At home I watched the birthday video she had made me. […]

Chamonix day 3 //

Best day so far. Woke up, had breakfast and went to pay for our condo. When that was taken care of we headed up to Le Flegiere. First run of the day went so bad. I was so pissed. It got a bit better the more we went. After lunch we decided to head over […]

Skiing in Chamonix //

I met up with Fabian and Pontus in Chamonix for a week of skiing. We just finished day 2. It is so much fun. I didn't realize how much I have missed the alps. The mountains just make me so happy :)