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3D Scan of Deanne (I got a Kinect) //

I got my Kinect today so I downloaded “Kinect RGBDemo v0.6.1” by Nicolas Burrus and started playing around with scanning in my livingroom. This is a scan of Deanne I made and then created a flipbook in SideFX Houdini.

TF3 trailer is out //

The Transformers 3 trailer is out! It is a really good trailer actually and a bunch of our work is in it :) Enjoy!

The TV show aired :) //

A little while back swedish TV was here in LA and filmed an episode of a new show about swedish engineers working abroad. They did an episode on me and it aired yesterday on swedish TV! It is called “Felix stör en ingenjör” (basically: Felix bothers an engineer). It was a blast to have a […]

Anders is here for a short visit //

Today Anders got here. He is visiting me for about 4 days. We are going to a Megadeth concert in Hollywood and then just hang out for a few days before he keeps going on his trip down to San Diego to be in some kind of advertising award jury. That gave me a good […]

VES Awards //

Yesterday I went to the VES Awards (Visual Effects Society) with Deanne. I was nominated for an award for the work we did on the movie 2012. We were up agains 3(!) separate Avatar nominations so, yeah, we didn’t win. I kind of knew we wouldn’t. Avatar was very impressive and over 1000 people worked […]