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Kinect scan using a timelapse dolly //

In this scan I tested putting the Kinect on my Dynamic Perception timelapse dolly to see if I could get a smooth move. Surprisingly it didn’t do a very good job. Here is a picture of my ghetto setup :)

3D Scan of Deanne (I got a Kinect) //

I got my Kinect today so I downloaded “Kinect RGBDemo v0.6.1” by Nicolas Burrus and started playing around with scanning in my livingroom. This is a scan of Deanne I made and then created a flipbook in SideFX Houdini.

Siggraph, Vancouver and Whistler //

Last week I went to Vancouver for Siggraph 2011. I flew up early on Sunday morning so I would have enough time to check in to my hotel and still see my friend Fredrik’s presentation on Sunday afternoon. The flight to Vancouver was surprisingly short, just two and a half hour. Nice. For some reason […]

Transformers 3 “Birdmen” Featurette //

There is a short featurette on vimeo. Some of our work is in it :)

TF3 trailer is out //

The Transformers 3 trailer is out! It is a really good trailer actually and a bunch of our work is in it :) Enjoy!

Interview //

I was interviewed for a Swedish website that promotes engineering and is trying to get kids to choose engineering for college. Just a short interview. Fun to help promote something good! :) (sorry, it is only in Swedish..)årten-larsson

Shading derivatives //

Bullet impact //

I finally got some stuff up on :) I uploaded two tests I made just for fun. The first one is using Bullet Physics Library (integrated into Sidefx houdini). It is a simulation of 125.000 implicit cubes being impacted by a bullet flying at 2000 m/s. The simulation is running at 15.000 fps and […]