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KåkenRace, the first CG on plate material I ever attempted

I just put my very first movie where I put computer generated content over a filmed plate up on Vimeo. Second year in college (2000) we had a course that required us to do some form of 3d project. Most people chose to code something, but I was so tired of coding and math at this point (first two years were a lot of that stuff since I was studying a masters in computer science) so I decided to do a little movie with two of my friends Fredrik and Björn.
We had no clue what we were doing. Just getting the DV footage onto a computer turned out to be a science project. We eneded up having to go to a different part of our college where they worked on media projects. We read up on how to track in 3DstudioMax and then we filmed the whole thing.
Since we had no clue what compositing was, we rendered the cars onto a background plate in 3DStudioMax. Had to get the lighting right the first time haha :)
Anyway, it turned out better than expected. We almost missed our deadline but made it in the end. The presentation was a success :)

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