Headshot for Deanne //

Deanne Bell

A headshot I just made for Deanne

Deanne needed a headshot recently so I got an opportunity to play with my photo/lighting gear again (a nice break from only thinking about work recently).
So, after work two days ago we moved the couches and the table aside and set up a little studio in our living room. We don’t have that much space so it is a tight squeeze but it works :)
Here is a lighting diagram of the setup:

light diagram for Deanne's headshot

Lighting diagram for the headshot above

I set up a clamshell lighting setup, i.e. two flashes through umbrellas, one higher and one lower and then you can shoot through the gab between the flashes. The upper umbrella (almost directly above the camera) had my SB900 shooting through it set to 1/8th power. The lower umbrella (almost directly below the camera) had my SB800 shooting through it set to 1/16th power. Normally I’d set the lower one to two stops under the top one, but I wanted a bit more even light today so I set it to just one stop under.
After taking a few pictures with this setup I decided to add a third flash to get a little kick and texture in the hair on top of Deanne’s head. So I added a SB80 flash set to 1/64th power up high behind Deanne on the camera right side with no light modifiers on the flash. It gave me some texture and some definition in Deanne’s hair.
The camera was set to f/8 on my 85mm f/1.8 lens, to get some sharpness a bit over half way to the back of her head. The shutter was set to 1/200 to kill any ambient light. ISO was at 200 (as low as my camera goes basically).

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