Siggraph, Vancouver and Whistler //

Flying home

Taken from the window on my airplane, this is the images straight out of the camera. The airplane window added a soft glow to the picture.

Last week I went to Vancouver for Siggraph 2011. I flew up early on Sunday morning so I would have enough time to check in to my hotel and still see my friend Fredrik’s presentation on Sunday afternoon.
The flight to Vancouver was surprisingly short, just two and a half hour. Nice. For some reason I had thought that it must be longer (without thinking about it too much). I had just assumed that since it is flying to another country, and since flying domestic in the US can take like five hours, this would be a long flight. I think this is the swede in me assuming things that were true back in Sweden :)
The conference was ok. Much smaller than when it is in LA and not as many things to go see as I normally have. This ended up being great in the end since Deanne decided to come up on Monday. We spent the week going to the conference, having lunches and hanging out with a lot of swedish fx people and going to a few parties. A pretty fun week for sure. We ended it with a dinner at Tojo’s together with a co-worker Cory. Awesome place. Really great food and the staff sang happy birthday to Deanne! So funny. Probably the highest restaurant bill I have ever had.

The crew at Tojo's singing to Deanne

When the conference was over I stayed in Vancouver with Deanne. We spent Friday exploring Vancouver on bikes that we borrowed from the hotel (Shangri-La, a really nice hotel). Vancouver is an awesome city and exploring it on a bike is awesome. Especially when it is sunny and warm like it was this Friday. At the tip of the peninsula that downtown Vancover is located on there is a great park. It is huge and they basically let the whole thing just be wild. No landscaping. The park is full of fern and huge trees. SO awesome. I loved it.
Later in the day, after shopping for some hiking boots and visiting the DD Vancouver office, we rented a car and drove to Whistler. Whistler is only about an hour and a half away from Vancouver and the drive there is gorgeous. The day ended with beer at a brewery and some really bad food.
Saturday was Deanne’s birthday so we woke up early with me singing happy birthday in both english and swedish. Later in the day we rented mountain bikes and went riding on the single tracks in the forrest all day. We had so much fun and we were exhausted by the end of the day. Deanne is so good at mountain biking and she was right behind me almost no matter how fast I went on the single tracks!
In the evening we went out for birthday dinner number two at a really nice Italian place. Italian food is neither mine or Deanne’s favorite food but we both really liked the food at this place.

Deanne biking

Deanne on one of the many little wood bridges in the forrest.

Sunday we were flying home. Our flight was from Vancouver at ten to six so we had some time in Whistler in the morning. We ended up going zip-lining. I have never done this before. Basically they put all these wires up between tall trees across a river and you slide along them with a harness. It was a lot of fun, even though we got some rain in the middle. After that we drove to Vancouver, returned the car and headed to the airport to go home.

Deanne went upside down on her second zipline!

I really liked Vancouver and Whistler. So beautiful and so much fun stuff to do!

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