Me, thinking about..who knows what.

My name is Mårten Larsson.

I am a Digital Effects Supervisor at Digital Domain, Venice, CA. Previous work includes, Visual Effects Supervisor on Pixels (Chris Columbus), Associate DFX Supervisor on Ender’s Game (Gavin Hood), Computer Graphics Supervisor on Transformers 3 (by Michael Bay), Software Engineer on a Gears Of War 3 commercial, FX Artist on A-Team, FX Artist on Percy Jackson, FX Lead on the movie 2012 (by Roland Emmerich), FX Lead on Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragons Emperor (by Rob Cohen), FX Lead on Pirates 3 (by Gore Verbinski), water lead on Letters From Iwo-Jima (by Clint Eastwood), TD on the water team for Flags of our Fathers (by Clint Eastwood) creating a system for ocean and wake renders, work on the terrain team on the movie STEALTH (by Rob Cohen), Aeon Flux and some work on commercials. I primarily work in rendering, procedural modeling, software and FX animation.

I am originally from an island on the Swedish west coast called Tjörn. I grew up in Sweden and moved to the US late 2004.

On this site I post photos, movies from little projects I make, posts from trips and general post about LA or whatever I am up to :)