B&W //


First version of a black and white conversion of the Alftavatn image

Made a black and white picture of the image of Alftavatn lake. Not sure I am 100% happy with the black and white conversion yet.. Might work on it some more :)

Cloudy Venice //

Venice beach pier

The Washington Blvd pier in Venice

Venice has been a bit cloudy lately and I love it! It is great to taking pictures. Took this one last Sunday while walking around with Mattias close to home.
The tripod was right at the edge of the water and I had my vari-ND filter on, set to 8 stops. 70mm lens, f22 and shutter of 3 seconds. Just enough to blur the ocean into a soft smooth texture :)

The TV show aired :) //

Felix stör en ingenjör

A little while back swedish TV was here in LA and filmed an episode of a new show about swedish engineers working abroad. They did an episode on me and it aired yesterday on swedish TV!
It is called “Felix stör en ingenjör” (basically: Felix bothers an engineer). It was a blast to have a TV crew here and Felix was great!
Thank you for all the comments on Facebook :)

Here is a link to the show online: TV4

I think there is a re-run on TV4 on Sunday October 3rd.

Iceland pictures! //

_DSC7043 - Version 6

Painted mountains close to Landmannalauger (click image to go to flickr)

I put some pictures up from our trip to Iceland. I will write some more about it, but in the mean time I thought I’d show some pictures. Click on the image above to get to the Flickr album!

Anders is here for a short visit //

Anders in Downtown Los Angeles

Anders in one of my favorite photo locations close to Downtown (click image to go to flickr)

Today Anders got here. He is visiting me for about 4 days. We are going to a Megadeth concert in Hollywood and then just hang out for a few days before he keeps going on his trip down to San Diego to be in some kind of advertising award jury.

That gave me a good excuse to throw this picture up on my blog :)
I took it last time Anders was here, in one of my favorite areas just south of downtown Los Angeles. I have noticed that a lot of other (real) photographers like this area too. There are so many pictures in blogs and ads that I have noticed are from the same place. It is basically just a bunch of wearhouses and some streets between them. It is pretty much under the 10 freeway to there are cool cement pillars too that are nice backdrops. It is very close to where I took this picture.

The picture of Anders is pretty straight forward. Sun coming from camera left, behind Anders. I used one flash on a lightstand with no diffusion coming from camera right at about 45 degrees to Anders. That is it. All manual settings on both flash and camera. Fun fun :)
I’m not sure why I like the picture so much. I mean, it is not that great of a composition. Anders is almost dead center but something about it makes it still work for me. I like the shadows at the bottom, the yellow thing on the right and the powerlines…

Now I just wish I had a camera. I sold mine to my younger brother Hannes before the replacement I want to buy was out. So now I am waiting, camera-less, for the new one to be released… doh!

Sunday on wheels //

Will Rodgers State Park

Nice view on the single track :)

Woke up today and just really wanted to take my new bike for a spin. We had the first annual pizza bake-off yesterday and it was so much fun. But, I had so much pizza that I jsut had to do something active today.
So, I loaded the bike into my car and started driving along Pacific Coast Highway (after a breakfast of cereal and coffee). I turned right onto Sunset Blvd and drove up to Will Rodgers State Park. I realized how close I still was to home and decided that I’ll probably ride my bicycle up next time. Anyway, after parking the car and asking the park ranger how I got to the trail I got on the bike and went.
Oh man it was so much fun! The view was amazing. You can basically see all the way from Santa Monica down to Palos Verdes. When I looked to the east I could see all of downtown and the snowy mountains behind downtown. It is a bit weird to see snow when it is like 28 degrees Celcius outside.
The track was a pretty technical single track. A lot of fun. It was a long climb up and then it flattened out a bit. Parts of the trail was covered by trees and parts was open with a nice view. Going back down was really fun and I LOVE the suspension on my bike. So happy I got this one with more suspension. Got down exhausted. Can’t wait to go again. Hopefully Deanne will be home next time I go, so she can come with me :)

Bike :) //

My new bike

This will be a lot of fun

I just came back from Topanga Canyon Bicycles. Went up there to get a mountain bike. After testing and testing and talking to them a lot I decided to go with the Salsa El Kaboing (instead of the BMC fs02). I had almost decided to go with the BMC since it is more of a cross country bike, but evertime I tried the Salsa I had so much fun on it. They guys at the shop finally told me: “you come back with a big smile everytime you are on the Salsa, you should get that one”. And that was true :) I did feel great on the Salsa. It has more suspension than the BMC. The BMC has 100mm and the Salsa has 140mm and on boy you can tell the difference. There is something about the Salsa geometry that just made it feel more playful to ride, so I think I made the right choise.

The bike is used but not much. All XT components and hydraulic disk breaks. I already bought a book about the trails in the Santa Monica mountains (biking distance away from my place). This will be FUN!

So excited to have a bike. Can’t wait to go ride it!

Shading derivatives //

shader test v02 by Marten Larsson, on Flickr

A test render of the shaders I made, testing shading derivatives

shader test v01 by Marten Larsson, on Flickr

First test render of the shaders I made, testing shading derivatives

VES Awards //

Deanne and I at the VES Awards

Deanne and I at the VES Awards 2010

Yesterday I went to the VES Awards (Visual Effects Society) with Deanne. I was nominated for an award for the work we did on the movie 2012. We were up agains 3(!) separate Avatar nominations so, yeah, we didn’t win. I kind of knew we wouldn’t. Avatar was very impressive and over 1000 people worked on it for 4 years so they deserve all the awards they get :)
But, the evening wasn’t ruined by not winning. It was really awesome to get to dress up in a tuxedo, see Deanne in a really awesome looking dress and to hang out with a bunch of friends from DD and other companies. They had some awesome speakers and guests there too. I got to hear a talk by Ed Catmull that was very inspiring along with a long talk by James Cameron when he accepted the lifetime achievement award. Other speakers were John Knowles (invented photoshop), Steve Wozniak (one of the founders of apple) and Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic and so on..).
It is really inspiring to hear so many awesome speakers who do what we do (and some who don’t). It kind of reminds me how awesome I think my job is. I tend to forget every now and then, but events like these give me a reminder of how lucky I am to work with something I love.
I can’t wait for the next big movie project :)

Deanne! //

Deanne at Clarion Sign in Stockholm

Took some pictures of Deanne in our design hotel (Clarion Sign) in Stockholm right before we went out to go to the Absolut Ice Bar

The last night in Sweden on our summer trip this summer we decided it would be fun to stay at the design hotel close to the station in Stockholm. We needed to get up to fly home the next day anyway so staying close to the train station made sense. There is a really fun hotel called Clarion Sign. They have designer furniture all through the hotel from Scandinavian designers. The whole hotel is filled with photos from Scandinavian designers too. In the lobby they have about 10 of one of my favorite chairs, the Egg Chair. It is a really nice hotel and we liked it a lot.

We decided to be really touristy and went to the Absolut Ice Bar located in a hotel nearby. You basically put on a coat and walk straight into a freezer where they have a bar made of ice and serve different Absolut Vodka drinks in glasses made out of ice. Cheesy but fun!

Anyway, after Deanne had put makeup on and was ready to head out we decided to take some portraits (since, you know, I am a total camera nerd..). I set up two flashes and bounced one into the bed sheet and a pillow to soften the light, and the other one as a catch/fill light to get some eye sparkle and some fill. I balanced the shutter speed so that the curtains got the right value. I have always wanted to do a portrait in front of this type of curtains, I really like the backlighting they give you. We took pictures for probably half an hour before we headed out for a quick snack and then the Ice bar :)

Click on the picture to go the flickr album.